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Gesture Bio-Mechanics and Common Tasks

29th Jun, 2012

Developers writing software for tablets and phones are still finding new idioms and experimenting to find the best use of gestures. Some apps like Paper use subtle gestures that take a few moments to get your head around, then become pretty comfortable. Some patterns are emerging, becoming new, easily discovered interactions that are missed when [...]

Product churn or product charm?

18th Jun, 2012

Thinking further about new the MacBook Pro and the discussion around its unserviceability there is a big difference between the commodity PC manufactures and the great product innovators like Ford, Sony and Apple. These companies derive value for their customers using the pattern of break-through new product followed by years of incremental improvements and production [...]

Apple’s Long Tail

17th Jun, 2012

This week Apple launched its next generation laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. A few days later, Kyle Wiens wrote a piece for Wired that examined the internals after a teardown. The article and its conclusion, widely circulated among the technocrats, has created a bit of a stir. The Retina MacBook is the least [...]

Passwords need a dash of Salt

10th Jun, 2012

This week, a number of high-traffic sites had security breaches, including LinkedIn. Over 6 million accounts were compromised. Their customers’ login info showing up on hacker download sites. A high profile asset like LinkedIn is bound to be a target. The fact the bad guys got in is not that extraordinary. Given a high-enough reward, [...]

Design Eye slides from Agile Australia

5th Jun, 2012

Wow! The Agile Australia conference in Melbourne last week demonstrated just how broad the uptake of “sensible” software delivery has been in this country. I spoke to people from all types of enterprises, people at all levels of the company. Startups to (previously?) lumbering corporations, CIOs to testers. For those who enjoyed “Design Eye for [...]

Build the Money Slides from ’09

1st Jun, 2012

Many people stopped me at the conference this week and I’ve been asked a few times to make these available, so here they are. Even though they’re a few years old now, the concepts, especially the EQ Matrix have stood the test of time. I’m working on a followup and how it applies in the [...]