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Product churn or product charm?

18th Jun, 2012

Thinking further about new the MacBook Pro and the discussion around its unserviceability there is a big difference between the commodity PC manufactures and the great product innovators like Ford, Sony and Apple. These companies derive value for their customers using the pattern of break-through new product followed by years of incremental improvements and production [...]

Apple’s Long Tail

17th Jun, 2012

This week Apple launched its next generation laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. A few days later, Kyle Wiens wrote a piece for Wired that examined the internals after a teardown. The article and its conclusion, widely circulated among the technocrats, has created a bit of a stir. The Retina MacBook is the least [...]

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

6th Oct, 2011

Today seems like a better day than normal to make a change and start something. I’ve watched Steve Jobs and followed the ascent of Apple with respect and appreciation. Since Jobs’ returned to Apple, the journey has provided us all with perfect examples of product strategy, leadership and design. For anyone interested in these things, [...]